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You are probably aware that local services are being drastically cut leaving many families vulnerable, largely unsupported and schools are now expected to take a bigger step into this role.

We believe that parenting support is top priority and urgent and although this may be a new challenge we feel it is an exciting time to offer a new approach that can de-stigmatise parenting support and make it easily accessible. 

It may take time and commitment but we can and must do it, are you ready!

You can join our growing team of Child Behaviour Coaches to offer your parents expert advice and support.          

Why choose The Child Behaviour Direct Training Programme? 

It is well documented that the way that we parent is the most influential factor on a child's mental health, wellbeing and success in life, yet surprisingly vital information regarding good parenting is not widely known. 

This means that parents are often left struggling with their child’s behaviour and their wellbeing suffers. 

Our programme was developed to empower parents with the skills and information they need to find the root cause of behaviour problems, to end the struggles and help their children lead a happy, positive life and reach their full potential. 

This coach training enables you to work directly with parents of 0-18 years in your school and workplace following the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behaviour evidence based quality assured programme.

  • 100% of parents completing the programme say they would recommend it to other parents.
  • 100% of staff completing the training say that they would recommend it to colleagues.

Child Behaviour Coach 3-Day Training 

Becoming a Child Behaviour Coach gives you the ability to offer certified guidance to parents in your work place. Improve a child’s cognitive behaviour and unlock their full potential for a happy and fulfilling life. 

Aim of the programme: 

To help parents to find the root cause of children’s negative behaviours and to sustain positive behaviour changes in their child. 


1. To help parents obtain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively find the root cause of their child’s behaviour. 

2. To increase parents’ knowledge and approach to applying new, positive parenting concepts and techniques. 

3. To increase parents’ understanding of the techniques required to sustain positive behavioural changes in their child.



You can organise training for your school or a consortium of schools at huge discounts.

Whole group training:

12 Participants:

£2,000 at your venue, plus expenses for up to 12 participants. (£166.00 per person) 

5 Participants minumum:

£210.00 per person, at your venue, plus expenses with a minimum of 5 participants per group. 

Individual Training: 

£240.00 (New dates and venues to be announced)


Training includes all training material and training packs and access to the membership website for a short time only. 

Secure your low cost NOW! 

Book your training by contacting Ruth Edensor:

Email: ruth@childbehaviourdirect.com 

Call: Ruth Edensor @ 07929047110

What staff are saying about our training:

“Really Positive – Excited to start working ‘positively’ with parents” Jane Elliker – Deputy Head, Rocklands Special School. 

"A fantastic short course. I found the conversations associated with the booklet invaluable Ruth delivered the course very well and the personal stories made it very interesting. Thank you, Ruth” 

Pam A - Community Lead, Oasis Academy Birmingham. 

"Although there was a serious disturbance during day 2 I feel Ruth still managed to complete the course to an exceptional standard." 

Stefan G – Community Lead, St Georges Primary. 

"3 Days well spent, Ruth was knowledgeable and informative. She allowed the group to learn through shared experiences. The course is clear and easy to use. Although structured, there is room for flexibility. Ruth was sensitive to the needs of the group and bought out the best in all members.” 

Gemma Cooney – Family Support Lead, City of Birmingham Pupil Referral Unit. 

"Ruth delivered the course to an exceptional standard. It was very informative and the material was well presented.” 

Richard P – Family Support Worker, Albert Bradbeer Primary